EcoVerse Beta v1.0.4 is live! – Development Update

Hey everyone!


I just uploaded a new version of the Beta, 1.0.4! It’s live right now and you can get it here.


Here’s the changelog for this update:

  • All Animals now also look for food on the surrounding tiles
  • Fertility and Water are now two different things. Tiles require surrounding water to be placed, but plants and animals need a certain level of Fertility.
  • Reduced the amount of Mountains that spawn on any given map
  • Made the different selections for the detailed info panel for tile stats in the bottom-left corner more visible
  • The game now uses a different font
  • The buttons for carnivorous animals now have a red border
  • Added a “How to Play” screen that shows up every launch


I hope you enjoy it! As you can see I finally added some explanation as to how to play. The biggest thing that’s left to do now is research.


EcoVerse Dev Progress, 1.0.3 Update

Hey Everyone,

EcoVerse Beta 1.0.3 is live! As always, I have included a screenshot of the game in this post. You can get EcoVerse Beta here: EcoVerse Beta on


Here are the Patchnotes for this Update (also on the page):

  • Added pause, normal, fast and fastest speed options in the botton right
  • It’s now possible to select up to 10 tiles with SHIFT + Click and change their biome or add things to them. Buttons will be locked if the action is locked for one of the selected tiles.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to place lakes and oasis’
  • Removed the hotkeys for overlays, as they were conflicting with the multi selection. There will be customizable hotkeys for things like that in the future.
  • Adjusted some tooltips to display correctly
  • Tiles that are turned back into ocean now have anything still on them removed and turned into “decay”.
  • Balancing changes
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Code optimizations


The next update will probably (finally) bring a Tutorial of some sort.

EcoVerse Update – Open Beta on!

Hey Everyone!


EcoVerse has come a long way! I have made some quality of life changes:


  • The Overlays can now be selected much easier in a menu in the top left
  • There is now an ESC Menu where you can save your game or load one
  • There is also a Title screen with save/load functions (settings screen is redundant at the moment)
  • Some balancing issues and bug fixing


Now on to the big news: The beta Version is now live to try out for free right here:


Go have a play around and let me know what you think! I’m looking forward to everyones thoughts.

EcoVerse Dev Update – Back on Track!

Hey Everyone!


After some recent stability and performance issues, the development of EcoVerse is back on track! I’ve revamped the look of the infobar at the top and added some useful tips, as well as the new concept of “Diversity”. This is currently an average of the animal diversity on all tiles and I am planning to add overall diversity (the total amount of different species in the ecosystem).

I also made some changes to the inner workings of the game and did a lot of performance improvements, as mentioned before.


So far

EcoVerse Dev Update – Detailed Info

Hey Gamers!


EcoVerse is coming along nicely! As you can see in the image, I added a new are for more detailed tile information and am in the process of adding more visual help to the ui, like the little food icon on some tiles, which tells you where carnivores need othe animals for food.

I also did some general cleaning of the code of EcoVerse and a lot of tweaking here and there, to make it run better.


So far for now

EcoVerse Dev Update – UI Changes

Hey gamers, it’s been a while!


I have changed the way the game is controlled. previously I had a menu that opens when a tile is clicked, from where stuff can be placed. Now. it’s all at the bottom and you can select a tile, and in the future several tiles, to do stuff on. A litte lock overlay tells you if the tile meets the requirements.

Animals are to follow now and after that I will focus on the complexity and interaction of animals.



EcoVerse Dev Update

Hello Gamers!

This is a development update for my game project EcoVerse. First of all, as you can see, the new UI and tile graphics have been impemented and there is also a new logo. Also, 4 different map views have been added, this image showing the animal view, and as you can see this island already has some basic animal life.

There are also some more additions to the biome diversity that are not visible in this image, like lakes and forests. Here is an image of the enviroment view, which is shown by default: