EcoVerse dev update – more biomes and UI changes



This is another development update for my current game project EcoVerse. So since last time, I added a new biomes called “grasslands”, which has extra fertility but costs more to build than desert. It can be build from the start or upgraded from desert, and future updates will include a lot of new animals for this biome, and for other, upcoming ones.


Also, I included a log window which shows when a new animal appears, and in which turn it happened.

Please keep in mind that the graphics I currently use are just placeholders, which I made myself, but they will be replaced with the actual graphics of the game in the future. So to show you the current state, I included a screenshot a friend of mine made while testing the game.


Keep playing!


General Development Update +++ EcoVerse

Hey, it’s been a while!


A lot has changed for me in the past year, my old Projects like Speedmine and others are behind me, and I’ve started something else a few months ago. By now, the time I put into this Project adds up more and more, so I thought I’d share it.

EcoVerse is a game about ecology and interaction between ecosystems, it’s about nature and harmony, it’s about life. So the picture of the current state of development (most work up until now went into coding) shows one of the first biomes, the desert, and some of a biome called steppes, which evolves from desert.


So long for now. I’ll see if  I can keep this blog up to date =)