EcoVerse Beta v1.0.4 is live! – Development Update

Hey everyone!


I just uploaded a new version of the Beta, 1.0.4! It’s live right now and you can get it here.


Here’s the changelog for this update:

  • All Animals now also look for food on the surrounding tiles
  • Fertility and Water are now two different things. Tiles require surrounding water to be placed, but plants and animals need a certain level of Fertility.
  • Reduced the amount of Mountains that spawn on any given map
  • Made the different selections for the detailed info panel for tile stats in the bottom-left corner more visible
  • The game now uses a different font
  • The buttons for carnivorous animals now have a red border
  • Added a “How to Play” screen that shows up every launch


I hope you enjoy it! As you can see I finally added some explanation as to how to play. The biggest thing that’s left to do now is research.


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